. The world of Infinite Tranquillity

Imagine the most amazing relaxing and soothing place you can think of and chances are we’ve included it in the world of Infinite Tranquillity

Pristine quiet beaches, spirit dolphins, rainforests and waterfalls, crystal caves, undulating hills, fields of lavender are created with sophisticated computer technology. The dream-like world is a compilation of images associated with relaxation and calm.

Rather than photograph real-world scenes, the environments are the simplified essences of nature which are most uplifting. It reduces the complexity of life to simplicity. The images are tranquil and easy to watch. The viewer can relax and enjoy the pure simplicity and peace of their dreams while they are awake.

There is no dialogue – only soothing sounds.

How was it created?

Infinite Tranquillity began as a single image of a perfect environment and that was the inspiration for hundreds of thumbnail sketches of possible ideas for environments and concepts. Each scene provided the inspiration for the next scene and the creation became a journey into the world itself.
old sketch world
A few design phase sketches from Infinite Tranquillity.

The sketches were both visual drawings from nature enhanced by elements that aren’t seen in the real world  –  auras, spiritual forms, chi, gayia and energy fields. 

This visual representation of things unseen is the very essence of Infinite Tranquillity.