Stress management techniques.

Don't stress - manage.

Who could blame you for feeling stressed in the modern world?  Economic, political, social and all other manner of stress are beamed nightly into your house through unrelenting media coverage.  There are also personal, work, and financial stresses. It is no wonder people feel completely overwhelmed by it all.  This article looks at a few stress management techniques which may help lessen the tension in your life.

What is stress?

Stress is the body’s way of telling you that a situation or event is too much to handle.  There is a mental overload from the imagined pressure or outcome of an event.  Everyone knows the anxious feeling of stress - it can keep you awake at night or cause you to not be able to effectively present yourself at a meeting or doing speech. The fears are only in the mind .. we can practice to redress the balance between worry and positive outcomes.

Stress Management Techniques:
1.         Visualisation

This means taking the mind for a walk through the situation before it comes to pass in the real world.  The process can be extremely beneficial in understanding the triggers for your stress without actually going through the event.  You can imagine in your mind how you will deal with your stress or stress triggers and in imagination  allow yourself to create a strategy of dealing with the situations.  Some people don’t fully understand where their stress actually comes from but by exploring what triggers the tension, a solution is that much closer.

2.         Take time out from whatever you are doing to find ways to remove the stress altogether.  

This is the simplest but most overlooked technique. Although it seems an obvious solution, some people are addicted to the stress and use it as a way of motivation not realising that there are less stressful ways of doing things.  Rather than solving situations from a stressful perspective, creative solutions can be found from a peaceful mind. The lateral thinking of the right brain when activated may find a better way to deal with your situation.

Of course it is not always easy to eliminate stress entirely from a work situation – it can be lessened by taking complete control over the stressful sitation.  This could be by becoming conscious of your breathing focussing your attention on you rather than the situation, time management techniques, creating more efficient organisation systems, not leaving matters till the last moment, taking external classes in subjects that bring you joy.

3.         Allow yourself to engage in some form of relaxation

Taking up yoga or an exercise which frees your body from the effects of stress (even if only temporarily) is not only calming but beneficial to your health, your relationships, your quality of work.  It can either be done externally or within the workplace.

Ideally relaxation should be sought outside the work environment so that the mind can be renewed with different surroundings, people and inspiration .. We give 8 hours to our workplace .. we are special enough to deserve a few hours to ourself.

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