One of the highest priorities in people’s wishes is for World Peace. If that could be magically achieved tomorrow, what would the consequence be? If the rest of the world was at peace, do we realise that each of us would also have to be at peace in order to achieve total World Peace.

We see the futility of everyone else not being at peace, without realizing how much we need it for ourselves. From another’s perspective, we are one of the ones included in their wish for world peace. So perhaps, achieving a whole planet of peace requires us to take the first step.

If we walk that road seriously with the intent of achieving the goal of perfect peace for ourself .. and achieve it ..  we can help others achieve the same result.

Infinite Tranquillity is carefully crafted to slow the pace of your life, to calm your breathing, relax you with soft inspirational colours, help you visualize yourself in a pristine environment with ethereal lights and mists .. things you won’t see in your day-to-day life.  With each scene, you will feel deeper relaxation, higher awareness and peace.
The troubles of life are soon forgotten. Feel the peace within you as you become part of the DVD.

To wish for peace, it is also necessary to know what peace feels like, so that you can return to that state in your mind when things start to become stressful. Without the memory of a peaceful scene, environment or music .. the only thought in our mind is the word “peace” without having knowledge of what that is.

If you could project ALL your thoughts onto a screen in front of you each day and you went through them one by one, how many of them would be

  • relaxing thoughts
  • inspirational thoughts
  • peaceful thoughts
  • loving thoughts
  • empathetic thoughts

If these thoughts are in the minority .. or absent .. what are our thoughts doing to us. We can’t escape our thoughts – they go with us everywhere, they magnify if we don’t occasionally clear them out, they affect our enjoyment of life and all those around us feel our sadness and frustration. Is that how we want to spend our life?

”All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” - Buddha

Peace is its own reward ..

  • it costs us nothing
  • allows us to enjoy the journey of life
  • gives us an uncluttered mind to create and achieve all we desire
  • raises the quality of life of those around us
  • empowers our children with high values and self esteem
  • allows us to “live in the moment”

Would we want anything else for ourselves?

We really hope that the images of Infinite Tranquillity will remain with you long after you’ve watched the DVD and give you the inspiration to pursue a path of how to make your life more peaceful.
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