Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes.

Remember a time when you were totally happy and carefree. Allow yourself to relive that moment in your mind. If a smile comes to your face, you will have connected with that very real remembered joy. It is there for you to access at any time. Take time often to remember that moment .. and indulge yourself by thinking of other wonderful times in your life.

If you think about your life now and the same smile doesn’t come to your face, something has changed.

As a human being we are as much a part of every living thing around us. We function within the parameters of nature .. our breath is dependent on the oxygen from the trees, our bodies are extremely dependent on clean water and all our bodily systems have been designed to give us life every day. Because we are not only a body or a physical being but a mind and spirit, to feel totally alive, it is necessary to care for all three aspects of our being – mind, body and spirit.

When we have stress in our lives, one or more of those aspects of our being is signaling that in one of those fields, we need help. We need to change something. If nothing changes, the stress remains.

If you thought of a moment to bring a smile to your face when you read the opening lines .. what was the feature of the moment that created the happiness?

Was it interacting with a person?
Was it remembering a piece of music or song?
Was it being in an inspiring or tranquil place in nature?
Was it creating a piece of art or creating a craft?
Was it remembering a joke or funny situation?
Was it a moment shared with a loved pet?

If you can identify the criteria that created the happiness ..

Do you have that criteria in your life now?

Try remembering more moments of your life that gave you joy and make a note of the situations in light of the above questions.

Nothing changes if nothing changes .. what would happen if you made a concerted effort to recreate a similar situation in your life now. Even if it is only once a day.

Plan in your mind what you could do now, where you could go, who you could re-connect with, what craft or art you could become involved with to recreate that same joy. Make it a focus in your day as much as the list of things you need to remember to buy at the grocery store.

It doesn’t have to be complex .. it could be a phonecall, reading a joke book, watching a funny movie, listening to a cheerful up-tempo song (as many times as it has been heard, how many people still smile when they listen to or get up and dance to the Chicken Dance).

Set aside a reminder time each day, say 10 am to give yourself a moment to think of bringing in that small change in your daily routine.

At work, it could be something as simple as complementing someone on their work, making a cup of tea or coffee for someone who is short of time, putting a picture on your desk of a scene / pet / smiling person which makes you stop and remember inner joy.

At home if there is chaos and confusion, distance yourself from reacting to that stress and creatively reduce the level .. would dimming the lights, playing classical or relaxation music achieve the result? Would having an aquarium create a more peaceful atmosphere? If there are children in the house, creating a more subdued atmosphere will give them skills as adults to create calm.

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