Laughter Suggestions.


Find books and books of silly jokes

Revisit cartoon books such as Snoopy and Garfield where life is simple
You’re never too old to laugh

Watch old slapstick comedy movies / shows .. childhood cartoons
Marx Brothers, Lucille Ball, Charlie Chaplin, Bugs Bunny

Use coloured hairspray to colour your hair a ridiculous colour – even multicolour. Have fun with the spontaneity and freedom of making yourself laugh

Think of someone who needs cheering up and design an uplifting funny card for them .. or comical things in a basket to make them laugh

I once had a neighbour who laughed when I planted a grape vine saying it would take years to bear fruit .. a few months later I bought a large bunch of grapes and pegged them to the vine. We both had a great laugh and the memory lasts a lifetime.

Look through a toystore to remember things you enjoyed as a child

Buy a board game that involves fun more than competition

Try a hula hoop for the challenge, exercise and laughs when you are learning

Surprise your family with a room full of balloons that you can throw around to each other. Only to be done in a room where nothing can be knocked over.

Buy cans of aerosol string and try to cover each other with it

Host a rock and roll party for your friends – wear rock n roll clothes and hire a juke box

Try horseriding, skating, kayaking, waterskiing .. anything different

Make a sandcastle with a child at the edge of the ocean .. and try to finish it before the waves take it away

Fly a stunt kite

Buy the best bubblemaker you can find .. some release multitudes of bubbles, others make metre long bubbles. Spend time creating them and bursting them .. usually children will engage you the most doing this.

Immerse yourself in an old fashioned pinball game

Have a go at juggling .. with the only intent to make yourself laugh

Dance to fun music with no-one watching .. let yourself totally go .

Find clips on YouTube to make you roll around laughing ..

Do something out of the ordinary .. do something extraordinary and unexpected. The more unexpected .. the more you will laugh.

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