“At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new opportunities.”
Jean Houston

If laughter is the expression of joy .. how many times have you laughed in the last week, month, year ..

If you could step outside yourself and look at the person that is you .. what expression would you see on your face in your waking hours? That is the face that others see .. and your expression shows your internal joy or sadness. If it is not a joyful expression, then both yourself and everyone you meet is similarly affected by your outward expression of worry, sadness, anger, fear ..

If on the other hand, you burst out laughing … the world stops .. those around you forget their troubles in that moment and often they smile or laugh along with you.

Laughter is a whole body healing .. the brain forgets all worries in that moment .. the joy cascades through the brain, all the muscles in the face and if allowed to continue ..  often the whole body is shaking with laughter.

As a child do you remember crazy, simple jokes that made you laugh before you even got to the punch line?  Do you remember times when you laughed so hard your sides ached, tears rolled down your cheeks and it was if it was an unstoppable avalanche of laughter.
How joyful did you feel in that moment and afterwards?

Laughter costs nothing, needs no prescription and is guaranteed to alleviate worries.. After a good laugh, your perspective and approach to problems is from a lighter place .. the burden of stress is alleviate,  solutions may become easier to find and those around you experience total happiness in the moment ..

So where do you find laughs?  .. Watching television news, current affairs shows, homicide shows, violent interactive games .. definitely not .. and yet this viewing can occupy a large part of a person’s day, everyday  .. not only adults but children as well.

If that time (perhaps 3 hours a day) was set aside as a challenge to find nothing but laughs .. the effect on your life would be totally extraordinary. It is a real challenge to find reasons to laugh .. and yet finding them will give you priceless joy and improve the quality of your life and those around you. Reclaim your right to be able to laugh and enjoy life!

There are many instances in your own day when you could find reasons to be grateful for where you are. There are many instances when you could set aside your normal approach to a day and look for others who need cheering up .. on the way to work, in the shops, in your workplace, on the street, in your home ..

Find a way to laugh more than once a day .. and make it an essential part of the day.

No-one can take that right from you .. only yourself.

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