Creative visualization relaxation techniques.


Mind over stress - creative visualisation

We all have a place that we can visualise that was, at one time or another, relaxing to us.  It might be a holiday or a memory from childhood.  The relaxation technique behind using your imagination as a means of achieving peace and calmness is to remember a place or event that was totally relaxing as vividly as possible. From that image,  allow your body to tune into the relaxed state that you felt while you were in that place or event in the past  By totally allowing your senses to accept the mental projections and visualizations of what it actually felt like at that time or place – the wind, the water, the sounds and feelings that you had, the brain induces the same feelings again.

This technique can allow the visualiser to feel peace and relaxation which is triggered simply by the memory of a place or an event.  According to neuroscientists the same neurons fire in your brain when you remember an event as they did when the actual event took place.  This means that you can essentially re-trigger a feeling of relaxation and peace simply by remembering that time or event in your life and allowing your senses to recreate what you felt like in those moments.

The relaxation technique of creative visualisation is often used by professional athletes who need to relax before a big event or public speaking engagement. 

This use of mental imagery is not limited to relaxation to create a sense of calm before an event but also to visualise the end rewards or success that you wish to accomplish in your life.  This means creating a clear consise goal for oneself and allowing the mind to be completely engaged with this vision to the point that it actually feels real in the mind of the person creating it.  This technique allows the person to create the feeling of what they want in their life before it actually occurs in the real physical world.

There are many theories that explain why the technique of creative visualisation works – from simply outlining a desired outcome in your mind and giving the mind the plan to create it in reality to the metaphysical explanation of  “intent sent adrift into the sea of  pure potential which then manifests into the ‘real’ world.” 
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