DVD released

After 10 months of production the DVD is finally available on the site.Available here

It is a Pal DVD so make sure your player can read Pal if you are interested in purchasing it.

HD relaxation wallpapers

Like the images? you can buy the full version of this DVD here.

Or watch the Trailer below

So for people that haven’t explored the site yet,  i’ve taken high res screen images (1920 x 1080) from the DVD to use as relaxing wallpapers.  The beach and ocean relaxation images seem to be very popular with people and I have received a few emails from people that are using them.

Relaxing beach picture

Relaxing beach picture 1920 x 1080

The beach picture above was the first shot of the disc and the reason I made the whole DVD as it was a picture that I have had in my head for a long time and I could easily visualize this part of the island.  It would be great to build a whole disc just around the concept of the blue ocean at night and stars, this was one of the sections that I spend a lot of time doing the 5.1 audio mix, I wanted to get the waves to pan from the front to the back of the speakers and have crickets in the background so that you feel immersed in the environment.


Free relaxation HD videos

You can now watch the trailer for the Disc in HD via the Youtube channel or on Vimeo.  I have plans to release short 3min relaxation videos that are based on the Infinite Tranquillity world in the future so if you have a youtube account feel free to subscribe to the videos.

Infinite Tranquillity – Relaxation DVD from Infinite on Vimeo.

Countdown to DVD release

The DVD is now in Sydney – After 8 months of production and rendering the DVD should be ready by November 1st 2009.  I’ve received a lot of questions about posting overseas and player compatibility – We will endeavor to post around the world however please check on this graphic to see if your country plays the Pal standard before ordering.  The DVD will go on sale via PayPal and will be available on this page

An NTSC is on the cards for the future however it will be based on interest so please drop us a line. info (at) infinitetranquillity.com

Also considering a blu-ray release for some time in the future.

Infinite Tranquillity Blog

Welcome to the infinite tranquility blog.

I’ve set this blog up as a way of sharing news and recent goings on with the DVD.  Please feel free to join.