. Benefits from the DVD

Want to visit paradise? Relax by a tropical ocean on your own deserted beach with not another soul around, drift through lush green rainforests with only the faint sound of crickets and travel through a world entirely created for absolute pure relaxation. Infinite Tranquillity is the soothing quiet place you've been looking for.

How is Infinite Tranquillity different from any other relaxation dvd?

InfiniteTranquillity was hand built from the beginning using feedback from people about what they found relaxing in their own personal life - from their most relaxing and vivid dreams to beautiful places they'd holidayed, to what they found relaxing about their spiritual life.

This means the DVD is tailored specifically around people's experiences rather than just a generic video shoot of relaxing images. We've maintained the highest standards throughout the creation of the world to do justice to the ideas and feedback we graciously received from people - we sincerly hope you'll appreciate the world and find your own relaxation within.

You can read about the creation of world itself here.

A fresh cool breeze drifts in from the coast over fields of lavender.

Your Experience.

Light some scented candles, put your feet up and lose yourself in Infinite Tranquillity. We've set about creating not just a slide show of pictures but a sensory experience through the most relaxing scenery imaginable. This DVD is truly unique in its field, there is nothing even remotely like the Infinite Tranquillity on the market today.

If you would like to discover more please visit the gallery to see sample images and video from the DVD. Or explore the world and find out more about the scenery within Infinite Tranquillity.

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