Appreciation and gratitude.

appreciation and gratitude

In moments when we are relaxed, we feel a peace within .. we are aware of most of what is around us. Our heart seems connected to our mind. We are at peace with the world. We smile. We hear what people are saying to us. Others feel happy to be around us. At those times, our mind wanders sometimes to a thought along the lines of being grateful for the moment, the person we’re with or where we are .. It is not a conscious thought .. it almost comes of its own accord.

If we are operating under stress, it is almost as if everything that is happening around us is shut out. We tend to see the situation with tunnel vision. We are not grateful or appreciative of the moment, others don’t enjoy being around us and small details in our environment go unnoticed. If you can remember moments like that .. in your mind, see if you could have expressed gratitude or appreciation in that moment.

It seems unlikely and the reason may be that there is a disconnect from the heart to the mind. We are caught up in a whirlpool of frustration, despair, hurt, anger and those emotions preclude our capacity for kindness, calm, tranquillity, appreciation and gratitude. The heart is responding to the perceived fear / stress and is beating faster .. its natural rhythm is compromised. We feel vulnerable and under attack .. there is no joy or tranquillity in those situations.

Conversely, being in a calm state heightens our awareness of the subtleties of life. We don’t feel threatened. Feeling relaxed soothes our body, mind and spirit. It heals and restores. By thinking of things you are grateful for, or appreciative of, takes your mind off problems and fears and visualizing those moments or scenes focuses your mind on joy and serenity.

“Appreciation” and “Gratitude” are concepts we hear about often but usually only remember when we are reminded of them. When was the last time you thought of, or expressed to someone, the sentiment of appreciation or gratitude?

How many times did you let the chance go by?

What difference would it make in your day to include three moments of both sentiments?

What difference would it make to the person you spoke them to?

The more appreciation and gratitude you express, the more situations will come into your life to give you joy. If you are expressing either emotion, that means that you have experienced something beautiful or positive in your life and you understand how impactful it was on your spirit and state of mind. Someone or something had to have given you that gift.

As the recipient, you know that value of that. Become the giver as well – you will understand how powerful a healing tool ‘kindness’ can be.

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