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Take a deep breath, press play, and rediscover pure relaxation in your life with Infinite tranquillity - a relaxation DVD designed specifically to help you drift far away from the stress of modern life.

This beautifully crafted DVD of ethereal scenery recreates what you may see in your dreams. It will take you on a mystical journey leaving you feeling completely relaxed, revitalised and recharged, ready to enjoy life.

I need to relax. How will this DVD help me?

  • You will be in your own personal paradise - a quiet place where you can escape the chaos and noise of the world.
  • This is truly a unique relaxation DVD - stunningly beautiful, dreamy landscapes to be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.
  • Color therapy and sound healing techniques are incorporated in calm and peaceful handcrafted environments.
  • True 1920 x 1080 HD Blu-Ray and stunning 5.1 surround sound create the ultimate virtual relaxing world.

Free relaxation material:

If you are looking for relaxation techniques we've compiled a list of the best techniques to help you overcome stress. To experience the uniquely inspiring world of Infinite tranquillity, feel free to browse the gallery or download free relaxing wallpapers and videos taken directly from the DVD. For calming free relaxation music, you can find samples from the DVD in the downloads section.

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